New Chapter School recognises the importance of personal appearance in setting high expectations and a positive tone. This is reflected in our Uniform Code for students and staff.  Please make sure all items of clothing are marked with your child’s name.

The implementation of such a policy brings several benefits:

- The creation of a positive sense of belonging which promotes a positive school ethos and a sense of identification with and loyalty to New Chapter Primary School.
- An increase in pupils’ awareness of the requirement to dress appropriately for the circumstances in which they find themselves; encouraging a purposeful attitude to school work and extra-curricular activities.
- A reduction in the pressure which can be placed on young people to adhere to fashion trends; discouraging competition between pupils, bullying and victimisation.
- Improved security resulting from easier identification of young people within the school, in the school grounds and on school trips and visits.

When deciding on our uniform, we have carefully considered the financial implications and ensured we have sourced a uniform which is both durable and cost effective.


We have access to three uniform suppliers as follows:


Kedaph Schoolwear Limited

Unit B, Lennox Road


Milton Keynes


01908 417142

Maisies Superstore

60-64 Church Street


Milton Keynes

MK12 5JW

01908 313313

My Clothing

0800 069 9949



  • White polo shirt with or without logo (tucked in)
  • Red sweatshirt with logo (this can be removed in hot weather)
  • Black regulation trousers
  • Black socks
  • Black school shoes (no boots, trainers or canvas shoes)
  • Summer term only – tailored knee length black tailored shorts can be worn.
  • Religious headwear should be plain black


  • White polo shirt with or without logo (tucked in)
  • Red sweatshirt or cardigan with logo (this can be removed in hot weather)
  • Black regulation skirt or trousers
  • Black tights/white socks with skirts - no leggings
  • Black school shoes - no high heels, no boots, trainers or canvas shoes
  • In Summer term only - Red gingham dresses can be worn and knee length black tailored shorts or tailored black shorts
  • Religious headwear should be plain black

PE Kit - Girls & Boys

  • Black shorts- Black jogging bottoms or leggings can be worn in colder weather
  • Red round shirt or Red polo shirt with logo
  • Black socks
  • PE bag
  • Swimming suits should be 1 piece for girls


It is important for the children’s self-esteem and pride that you ensure that they come to school in a uniform which is smart and clean.


Long hair should be tied back for health and safety reasons. This is essential during PE lessons but is encouraged in all activities. Hair accessories should be plain black.


Pupils may wear watches and a small pair of plain studs for pierced ears (in ear lobes only). Nose studs and any other types of body piercing are not allowed. No other jewellery is allowed. In order to comply with Health and Safety guidelines, pupils are required to remove earrings for all PE activities.


The Governors believe that any form of make-up or hair colouring is inappropriate for this age group.  Nail varnish may not be worn.

It is strongly recommended that money, jewellery, toys and other personal belongings are not brought to school as New Chapter cannot be held responsible for them being lost, damaged or stolen. Parents should inform school immediately if a pupil is unable to wear the correct uniform and a date by when they will be able to comply with the dress code again.

Non-compliance with the Uniform Code

Where a student/parent/carer does not comply with the school uniform code, the school will adopt the following procedures:

  • Speak to the parent/carer and pupil about the need to follow our uniform code and how and why this supports the school policy;
  • Invite parents to the school to discuss the dress code and see if the school can support parents to support the uniform code;

Lost Property

Unnamed lost property is kept in a box in the dining room.   It usually takes up to 24 hours for items to make their way to this location. Named clothing is returned directly to the child and not put in the box. Please do feel free to come and look for lost items. A container is placed outside the entrance gate and unmarked clothing, which is not collected within a week, is placed there so parents can take away any suitable items.