Learning, Love &

At New Chapter Primary School, we aim to enhance and enrich the lives of our children by enabling them to make the most of outstanding learning opportunities within and beyond the curriculum.


We instil an appreciation that there are no limits to what they can achieve and develop the attributes needed to successfully shape and respond to the future.

We pride ourselves in providing a caring and happy atmosphere where each child feels valued.

We aim to provide not only the right academic atmosphere, but also an education that fosters the intellectual, social, physical and emotional development of each child, which equips them with the skills for lifelong learning and personal growth.

We achieve this by involving pupils in purposeful, relevant and challenging activities and providing them with a wide range of balanced learning experiences and opportunities. In this way we feel our children can learn to make choices, solve problems and become independent learners and responsible people.

We also encourage and foster tolerance and consideration for others by promoting a clear secular moral framework, which promotes honesty, integrity, tolerance and respect, as well as an appreciation of individual and collective responsibility.

John Billing