Overview Of Children’s Comments From Questionnaire Responses

What do you like about New Chapter? KS2

  • Making and playing with friends - Everyone tries to play together - people are caring and friendly
  • Sports and the games ‘Playing with my friends
  • The worry box
  • That there are people to talk too if I’m sad
  • Kind teachers and that I am challenged
  • I can trust the teachers
  • Teachers kind and helpful
  • The three Ls -I like the learning and we do have laughter - Fun place full love learning and laughter - I like the academy quotes and sayings / song

What do you like about New Chapter? KS1

  • My friends are kind and help me - That my friends help me a lot / people are all kind to me
  • They make games for us and do easy phonics
  • I like learning about things
  • There are so many lovely teachers
  • Everyone cares for each other and they share
  • It’s fun because we do art and maths and guided reading
  • I like playtime because you get to play around
  • I like learning new things /I like the learning love and laughter
  • School helps me do my learning

What can we do to make NC a better place for learning?

  • Classrooms brighter with more displays
  • I want the lessons to show me how to improve
  • Bigger PE hall / More football pitches / Use the field more creatively
  • More books in Reading Room
  • Make it bigger
  • Use more resources to helps us learn - I can see what I am learning
  • I can’t think of anything / nothing / best it could be / I like it the way it is / nothing
  • Lots more pastoral leaders as they are so busy
  • Actually have learning love and laughter as some kids play fight and hurt each other by playing rough